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Hot Mess: County seeking ANOTHER sales tax hike!

Updated: Jan 10

Before resolving how to refund more than half a billion dollars illegally taken from Hillsborough County residents, the County Commissioners are proceeding with their plan to add ANOTHER $16B sales tax on the ballot in Nov 2022.

Is this tax even needed? NO! Soaring home prices have swelled property tax coffers, so there are plenty of funds available to adequately maintain and improve county roads WITHOUT further increasing our sales taxes.

Besides, their proposed tax spending plan wouldn't even relieve our traffic snarls. The plan prioritizes costly light rail downtown that would add dozens of RR crossings on major roadways. These crossings will add more traffic bottlenecks and make your drive more frustrating.

Furthermore the tax plan expressly prohibits spending funds on new auto lane capacity and puts 100's of miles of our county roads on "diets" (narrowing the lanes and reducing speed limits). The net effect is actually MORE road congestion and longer commutes.

This tax plan transfers revenues from unincorporated county residents to the fat cats downtown. We don't need trains that benefit the wealthy downtown developers.

With rising gas prices, cost of housing and high inflation, now isn't the time to raise our taxes. Tell County Commissioners to nix the tax and keep it off our Nov 2022 ballot!

Plan to attend one of the four "open houses" and leave a written public comment that you're taxed enough already and there is record property tax revenue to fix our roads without adding a new tax.

  • South Tampa - Wednesday, Feb. 9th at 6 pm at the Jan K. Platt Regional Library in South Tampa located at 3910 S. Manhattan Ave, Tampa, 33611

  • Northwest Tampa - Monday, Feb 28th at 6pm at the Northdale Rec Center, 15550 Spring Pine Dr, Tampa, 33624

  • East Tampa - Tuesday, March 1st at 6pm at the Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr. All People’s Community Park and Life Center, 6105 E Sligh Ave, Tampa, 33617

  • Riverview - Thursday, March 3rd at 6pm at the Riverview Public Library, 9951 Balm Riverview Road, Riverview, 33569

Click HERE to get talking points and email Commissioners NOW!

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